Black Dog System

The Black Dog System was designed by forex trader, Dave Atkinson, after his many years of trial of error and thousands of his pounds thrown to the wind. In his early days, Dave used other strategies that he bought and professed of making the mistakes of the typical rookie trader, no trading plan, lax discipline and fear/greed being part of his trading. He often went fishing for tops and bottoms, did not practice proper money management  and was playing a host of different markets, and to top it all off, overtrading.

But, in spite of those early disasters, Dave persisted and was able to see that there were ample opportunities for making excellent returns on ones investment if only he could find that elusive plan. He was sure that millions of traders have gone through the same procedure and was determined.

So, to cut a long story short, and after many days, nights and weeks of study, searching the web for good systems, then working on his ‘inner game’ …. his head, he came to the point where he eventually became moderately successful at this game of trading the currency markets.

Although Dave had traded other persons’ systems for quite some time, and good though it was, he was never fully satisfied and was hankering after his own, one that suited him. So he set out to create his own system that strives to meet all the conditions he had set for himself below.

  • Must trade with the trend
  • A chart set-up which is good for all currency pairs
  • A chart set-up good for all timeframes
  • A chart set-up which is simple, simple, simple
  • An audio alarm
  • Must stop him from overtrading
  • Must stop him from fishing for tops and bottoms
  • Must get him into the big moves of the day
  • Must keep losses to a minimum
  • Must tell him when to exit
  • Must be user-friendly
  • Must enable decision-making at a glance
  • Multi time-frame trading
  • Must give unambiguous entry signals

At first glance, you would think that it was a tall order to meet. But Dave’s perseverance paid off and the Black Dog System was born. The Black Dog System consists of three separate systems and you can use one, two or all three to trade with. Each system has about 70% to 80% success rate, is very easy to follow and signals appear on your screen in the form of arrows on the chart to notify you when to get ready for a trade. There is also a stereo alert too and this is especially helpful as it would not require you to stare at the screen for the signals to develop.

Not surprisingly, the system can be accessed quickly and the program download is very user-friendly. After downloading, you would need just a couple of hours to read the manual and understand the system and its application to the market. The free software recommended by the system is easy to install and you can start using the Black Dog System instantly. As part of Black Dog Trading Family, you will also be given access to the Black Dog Forum where you will be able to interact with the many real Black Dog Traders who are more than willing to share their experiences with trading the system. In fact there, you would also be able to find a number of journals where many traders had posted their thoughts and reasons for their trades. Some of the journals were from very experienced and profitable traders and contained a great deal of useful information about how to approach forex trading and how to apply the Black Dog System. The journals contained numerous examples of trades taken using Black Dog System and this will give you a broader sense of the possible applications of the system.

Dave has also written extensively on the new indicators and tactics to use. Also in the forum are a number of very useful indicators and alerts that supplements the original system. One of the more important indicators, the higher time frame MACD indicator and its application, makes it much easier to evaluate potential trades. In addition there are sections on different approaches and entry techniques. This, by far is the most important section of the forum as it addresses how the Black Dog System can fit into the trading styles of the trader, whether you are a scalper, day trader, swing trader or a position trader.

Aside from that, the system offers an unlimited time for help and assistance. It does not matter if you have downloaded the system years ago. As long as you have questions or difficulties in understanding the system itself or even the market, Dave Atkinson will never leave you hanging with unanswered queries. Other than e-mail, you can also directly talk to him through Skype

Summary of Common Chart Indicators

Below is a summary of the more useful common chart indicators that you can include in your trading toolbox. You may consider testing out the indicators on your own to derive your own method of applying them. This will involve some time as you would need to test the different settings and styles through trial and error. Alternatively, you can also consider using tested systems that uses these indicators effectively.


MACD are moving averages of other moving averages.
Provide hints on new trend formation early and can also help to spot trend reversals.
MACD lag because it uses so many moving averages.
One way to use MACD is to wait for the fast line to “cross over” or “cross under” the slow line and enter the trade accordingly because it signals a new trend.
Recommended trading system : Black Dog System.


Indicates overbought and oversold conditions.
When the moving average lines are above 80, it means that the market is overbought and forex traders should look to sell the currency pair.
When the moving average lines are below 20, it means that the market is oversold and forex traders should look to buy the currency pair.
Recommended trading system : Forex Trading Made EZ

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Indicates overbought and oversold conditions.
When RSI is above 70, it means that the market is overbought and forex traders should look to sell the currency pair.
When RSI is below 30, it means that the market is oversold and forex traders should look to buy the currency pair.
Recommended trading system : Black Dog System

Heiken Ashi

Heiken Ashi can help to identify the commencement and strength of a trend from the characteristics of its candles.
Bullish candles: hollow candles with no lower shadows and these indicate a strong uptrend meaning that you should continue with the buy (long) position.
Bearish candles: candles have big bodies and long lower shadows but no upper shadow indicate that you should continue with the sell (short) position.
Recommended trading system : Forex Trading Made EZ

Heiken Ashi Indicator

Heiken Ashi (HA) Charts are another form of candlestick charts and are primarily used by forex traders to assist them in removing noise and false signals from the charts. It is interesting to note that HA Charts found its origin in Japan.

A normal candlestick chart uses the high, low, open and closing price in its candles. The HA Charts also use the same information but uses a different computation. The difference is that Heiken Ashi Charts depend on the Open, Close, High and Low of the previous candle.

i- Close price: the close price in a HA candle is the average of open, close, high and low price.
ii- Open price: the open price in a HA candle is the average of the open and close of the previous candle.
iii- High price: the high price in a HA candle is chosen from one of the high, open and close price of which has the highest value.
iv- Low price: the low price in a HA candle is chosen from one of the high, open and close price of which has the lowest value.

Hence, the Heiken Ashi candles are related to one another as the close and open prices of each candle are calculated using the previous candle’s close and open price. In addition, the high and low price of each candle is affected by the previous candle. HA chart is somewhat similar to a moving average, but it gives more information and graphical illustration on the direction of a currency pair

Heiken Ashi Charts are useful in trading volatile currency pairs as there is a slight delay before the new candle develops. This delay cuts down the number of false signals when you are trading with the Heiken Ashi Charts as compared to the regular Candlestick Charts. For instance, if you are scalping the 1 Minute or 5 minute charts, using these charts can help you reduce noise on the charts and entering too early making a wrong move against the market.

Different candles in a Heiken Ashi chart

Bullish candles

In HA Charts, you will see hollow candles with no lower shadows and these indicate a strong uptrend meaning that you should continue with the buy (long) position.

Stochastics Forex Indicator

George Lane developed the stochastics indicator in the late 1950s. This indicator measures the relationship between a currency pair’s closing price and its price range over a predetermined period of time.

This indicator is measured with the %K line and the %D line, and it is the %D line that forex traders usually follow closely as it will indicate any major signals in the chart. The %K line is the faster while the %D line is the slower of the two lines. Forex traders would need to watch as the %D line and the price of the currency pair begin to change and move into either the overbought (over the 80 line) or the oversold (under the 20 line) positions. The forex trader would need to consider selling the currency pair when the indicator moves above the 80 level. Conversely, the forex trader would need to consider buying a currency pair that is below the 20 level and starting to move up with increased rate.

New forex traders should concentrate on the basics of this oscillator indicator. It is interesting to note this oscillator is a favorite indicator of many forex traders because of the accuracy of data representation. It is easily perceived and it tends to help all forex traders make good entry and exit decisions in their day-to-day trading. One reliable forex trading system that effectively uses this oscillator indicator in one of its trading techniques is Forex Trading Made EZ .

Trading With RSI Indicator

In June 1978, Welles Wilder’s article introduced the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and since then, this price following oscillator has found its way into numerous forex trading systems and methods.

When the oscillator was first introduced, the founder, Mr Wilder, recommended using the 14-day period. However, over time, the 9-day and 25-day oscillators became popular. This range of values gave forex traders a chance to find the period that would be more suited to their trading styles and market action.

The oscillator will indicate values which range between 0 and 100.  According to Wilder, the relative strength index is considered overbought when above 70 and oversold when below 30. Relative Strength Index can also be used to identify the general trend.

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Many traders use the RSI as stipulated in the Black Dog System. Find out why Black Dog System is the forex trading system of choice of many of the world’s forex traders.

The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trending system

Alright, I know a lot of traders(especially newer traders) aren’t too famil­iar with the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo trend­ing sys­tem, and some more (so-called) expe­ri­enced traders have a down­cast opin­ion of it.

Per­son­ally, this is the great­est sys­tem I’ve ever used, and I’ve messed around with a lot of them over the past few years, from MA crossovers to Bollinger Band trad­ing to Vol­ume trad­ing… there’s a lot of sys­tems out there. And I’m not say­ing they’re all bad. MOST sys­tems are able to turn a profit. This just hap­pens to be the sys­tem I’ve per­son­ally found to do so in the sound­est man­ner. So basi­cally I’m just start­ing this thread to offer edu­ca­tion, advice, and dis­cus­sion on the Ichimoku.

I’ve also attached some­thing known as the Ichi­Wiki, it’s pretty much the Bible as far as Ichimoku traders are con­cerned, both new and old alike. Hope it’s use­ful to every­one, may it be peo­ple who share an appre­ci­a­tion for Ichimoku, or for peo­ple who can use this infor­ma­tion to deter­mine that Ichimoku isn’t for them before they lose money on it. God knows there’s enough money traps out there as it is.

Forex Phantom Trading System


Time Frame: Daily Charts
Cur­ren­cies: ALL
Indi­ca­tors: 2 mov­ing aver­ages + 1 MACD(Not actu­ally used…read on)
Dura­tion of Aver­age Trade: Days, Weeks


I will attach the tem­plate for my sys­tem below.
LONG ENTRY: Blue MA crosses Red MAfrom under­neath — head­ing upward.
SHORT ENTRY: Blue MA crosses Red MA from over­top — head­ing down­ward.
EXIT: Just before or dur­ing an oppo­site MA cross.
S/L: None T/P: Two pos­si­bil­i­ties — No T/P  Use a trail­ing S/L of 100 pips. No T/P  Wait for the oppo­site MA sig­nal to appear.
LOT SIZE: Use a very small lot com­pared to your equity.

I rec­om­mend this for­mula:
EQUITY / 100,000. So 1,000 dol­lars USD = .01 Lot size. 5,000 dol­lars USD = .05
Lot Size. 10,000 dol­lars USD = .1 Lot Size. ** This is con­ser­v­a­tive, but trad­ing the daily charts entails more draw­down and big swings.

                  ** GENERAL DISCUSSION **

This sys­tem is designed for the busy per­son in mind. A min­i­mal amount of time is required in trad­ing this sys­tem. This is not a high-volume trad­ing sys­tem. You will not be plac­ing dozens of orders per day. Instead, we are wait­ing for strong sig­nals that occur less fre­quently. Most trades will be held for days, if not weeks.

Profit poten­tial per trade appears to be around 100 — 1500 pips. Expect to aver­age any­where from 1,000 to 4,000 pips / month with each cur­rency you trade. Obvi­ously, you will have some losers, so this is only the the­ory. This sys­tem is trend based and is designed to be traded on the DAILY charts only.

By trad­ing with the daily trend, we are wait­ing for strong trends to appear. It is unusual for a daily trend to reverse itself  at least not quickly. By then you will have locked in some pips. I will be demo test­ing this account thor­oughly. My start­ing bal­ance will be 1,000 USD and my begin­ning lot size will be .01. My goal is to grow my account sub­stan­tially from month-to-month and doc­u­ment my gains and losses thoroughly.

Lang’s Trading System

My Day Trad­ing Tips

Hello fel­low Pip­pers and Pippettes,

The name’s Lang Effi Lang

When I started trad­ing the Forex a year back, it was a means to answer cir­cum­stances of immense finan­cial des­per­a­tion.
I had gone through every online pro­gram I could think of and through all the scam­ming pyra­mid schemes.

I just knew there had to be some­thing bet­ter so I looked and searched and gnawed at every oppor­tu­nity my nose could smell and my eyes could see to bet­ter taste the poten­tial for suc­cess and gauge a pos­si­bil­ity for investment.

Though, peo­ple as they are, uncon­trol­lable and lively nat­u­rally want things to hap­pen their way in life, and if you’re any­thing like me, you hate wast­ing time.

Time how­ever I’ve under­stood through time itself is some­thing very pow­er­ful and it can break or make you.
I believe humans on this earth are a par­a­site on times shoul­ders, leech­ing on it and pok­ing it in the rear with a sharp pen­cil in a self­ish endeavor of speed­ing things up in their direc­tion and even­tual benefit.

Time nev­er­the­less, being a part of nature has its pre­de­fined path and des­ti­na­tion, and granted the nec­es­sary devel­op­ment and breath­ing space, it can achieve won­ders beyond your imag­i­na­tion. All we need to do to take advan­tage of it is just mod­estly place our­selves within the stream­ing chan­nel of its course and relax until we reach the ulti­mate peak.

The rea­son I am say­ing this is because, it takes some peo­ple many years to acknowl­edge these facts.
I can guar­an­tee how­ever, than any­thing given the suf­fi­cient amount of time and breath­ing space cou­pled with a pos­i­tive atti­tude can flour­ish to very pro­duc­tive heights.

My jour­ney through the com­plex world of Forex has only just began and I am will­ing to ded­i­cate many more years of my life to achieve a hum­ble sym­bio­sis between myself and the FX market.

There aren’t many jobs or occu­pa­tions today that can offer what the chal­lenge of becom­ing a Forex trader can.
Trad­ing is not just a means of income, it is an Art and as with any other it requires an extremely per­sis­tent state of self dis­ci­pline, which can be achieved only in coop­er­a­tion with patience, a pos­i­tive atti­tude and a goal.

GOAL! Peo­ple. Read it well and remem­ber it.

If you do not have a goal, you are just float­ing about in end­less space.
The dif­fer­ence between a per­son with a goal and one with­out is that when the first trips, tum­bles and falls he knows, why he has to get up and even if the fall spun him around 180 degrees, he would know that all he needed to do was turn around another 180 and move forward.

The lat­ter how­ever will fall, they will get up and they will con­tinue mov­ing for­ward, where to though Is it the same direc­tion, or did they go left or right this time? nobody knows

The fastest way to suc­cess is a dis­ci­plined plan. So take a day, a week a month a year if you have to, but write a plan and keep a diary, because that’s the fastest way to mature as a trader.

Being a stu­dent of the Forex, is being a stu­dent of life, it is a dif­fi­cult psy­chol­ogy les­son which will lead you through deep self-exploration and if you’re not pre­pared to take your­self on, don’t.

A per­sons poten­tial is almost lim­it­less in this world and the Forex is a trad­ing art which will have you delve into your inner most thoughts and inti­ma­cies and help you tap and develop your poten­tial at one of the fastest paces possible.

You will not only bet­ter your­self as a trader, but as a per­son, a brother, a par­ent and a con­tribut­ing mem­ber to your society.

If a man could con­quer him­self, he could con­quer any­one and the world. With time the FX will teach you noth­ing less than just that.

For every­one who is just start­ing out.

1. You will loose money
2. You will cry if you’re emo­tional
3. You may even reach the verge of sui­cide
4. You will have peo­ple try to put you down
5. Depres­sion
6. You will want to give up
7. You will want to give up once more
8. You will want to give up again
9. You will never give up if you have a goal set, so set it and you will have rea­son to go on.
10. You will have good trad­ing days
11. You will have bad trad­ing days
12. You will real­ize that a min­i­mum of 2:1 income to expense ratio may as well be just as impor­tant as trad­ing itself
13. You will try many trad­ing sys­tems
14. You will most likely develop yours at the end
15. You will use 100 indi­ca­tors at some point and most likely use just a few at the end
16. You will real­ize that keep­ing a trad­ing diary and plan. Is the same as your mum telling you to get your sleep: its true, If u do it u will be healthy and if you don’t you’ll always fall sick
17. Don’t get greedy!
18. Trade Pips not Money
19. 10 Pips a day is good
20. 20 Pips a day is great
21. 30 Pips a day is awe­some
22. Accept loos­ing at most 50% of the time and win­ning the other 50%
23. Get a life. Exer­cise, eat, sleep. The bet­ter your health the bet­ter your trade.
24. Keep it pro­fes­sional! Take breaks! Wear a suit and a tie if you have to even though you’re going to the next room, but have the right mind set, this is busi­ness and you are both the Pres­i­dent and the Employee
25. Don’t with­draw all your money from your account, com­pound what you can and aim to expo­nen­tially increase your lots while keep­ing your Pip­page the same.
26. Patience and under­stand­ing is key and it is the dif­fer­ence between a loos­ing trade and a win­ning trade.
27. Edu­cate Your­self. Dumb peo­ple loose money and Smart Peo­ple make it in this trade.
28. Remind your­self why you do what you do every once in a while.
29. When you loose a trade have an opti­miza­tion pro­to­col:
– Ask your­self why you incurred an expense
– Under­stand why you incurred an expense
– Tell your­self what you need to do to avoid a reoc­cur­rence and remem­ber what you said
30. Try not to trade news
31. In most cases if there is some­thing you can’t explain with Tech­ni­cal Analy­sis. It’s nor­mally news’ fault.
32. Have at least 2 inter­net con­nec­tion setup, 1 for back up.
33. Don’t trade when you are tired, drunk, sleepy or emotional

For those of you who are still read­ing I would like to share my key trad­ing sys­tem with you.
It is very sim­ple and is based on the same slow / fast MA crossover method detailed in the School sec­tion of BabyPips.

First of all you will need to set up your charts so do the following:

1. Open up a new Chart / EUR/USD or GBP/USD for exam­ple.
2. Set a 5 E-MA (Colour White)
3. Set a 10 E-MA (Colour Red)
4. Set a 20 E-MA (Colour Green)
5. Set a 50 E-MA (Colour Blue)
6. Set a MACD with: 5,10,10
7. Set an RSI with: 10
8. Set a slow Sto­chas­tics with: 10.3.3

That’s it.

Trade on prefer­able H1 / H4 and D1

Lets see it in the works.

Profit Range: 20 to +300 Pips per trade

It is extremely easy to fol­low:
Entry Cri­te­ria:
– When the white 5 EMA crosses the Red 10 EMA AND: the fol­low­ing requiremets are met:

– RSI has bro­ken over or below 50 (long / short)
– MACD should be over or below 0 (long / short)
– Sto­chas­tics are not in an over­sold or over­bought zone or they have just bro­ken out of an over­sold or over­bought zone

Exit Cri­te­ria:
– When the price crosses the 5 and 10 EMA and RSI is break­ing 50


In a good trend or short term move the EMAs will line up in this man­ner from bot­tom to top (bull­ish) / reverse for bears

EMA 50
EMA 20
EMA 10

By the time the price breaks 50 EMA you should have long closed your posi­tion. Its a mat­ter of a lit­tle prac­tice and get­ting use to and you will be able to deter­mine an opti­mal exit point based on the crossover on par with the indicators.

The key in trad­ing is to loose all emo­tion. The best way to do it is to have a mechan­i­cal trad­ing system.

For me this is it. I’m not sure what chart you use, but you should have an option to define the para­me­ters of the Indi­ca­tors you use.

Try and find out how you can edit the options for your indicators.

e.g: I right click on my respec­tive indi­ca­tor and i get a drop down menu which has a “Prop­er­ties” option.

Fur­ther inwards you should find the fol­low­ing avail­abil­i­ties for each of the indicators:

RSI: Period: “10”
MACD: Fast EMA: “5” / Slow EMA: “10” / Sig­nal SMA: “10”
Sto­chas­tics: %K Period: “10” / %D Period: “3” / Slow­ing: “3”

Those are the options you need to configure.


Currency Strength Meter

Forex Factorz Currency Strength Meter is very accurate currency strength is not ordinary currency meter.
Currency Strength Meter gives you a quick and easy visual guide to see which currencies are currently strong, and which currencies are weak .you will easily decide which pair u need to focus and which pair are in is a multi time frame currency strength meter that gives u two higher time frames.and we know multi time frame is key to become a profitable forex trader . Please see notes below for further details.

Currency Strength Meter

download Currency Strength Meter here

Forex Factorz No Repaint Arrow Indicator

Forex Factorz Arrow Indicator Is 100% no repaint indicator works on H1 To higher time frames. it is trend following Forex Strategy. we recomend to use H1 time frame with 30 pips TP and 30 pips stop lose. see image below how it works.this is no repaint forex indicator


  • Forex Factorz Arrow Indicator works on metatrader 4
  • Forex Factorz indicator does not repaint.
  • Forex Factorz indicator does not recalculate.
  • Forex Factorz indicator works on all time frames.
  • The indicator works on all pairs specialy (GBPUSD,EURUSD,NZDUSD,GBPINR,EURINR,CADINR,CHFINR) stocks, crypto currencies, metals, futures and CFDs.
  • It gives signals immediately when the candle is close.

Indicator Parameters

  • AlertOn – enable/disable push notifications when the arrow appears (it shows pair, entering price for trade when the dot appears, type of trade: buy/sell).
  • MailOn – enable/disable email notifications when the arrow appears.
  • SoundOn – enable/disable sound notifications when the arrow appears.

Download Forex Factorz Arrow Indicator Below Button