Black Dog System


The Black Dog System was designed by forex trader, Dave Atkinson, after his many years of trial of error and thousands of his pounds thrown to the wind. In his early days, Dave used other strategies that he bought and professed of making the mistakes of the typical rookie trader, no trading plan, lax discipline and fear/greed being part of his trading. He often went fishing for tops and bottoms, did not practice proper money management  and was playing a host of different markets, and to top it all off, overtrading.

But, in spite of those early disasters, Dave persisted and was able to see that there were ample opportunities for making excellent returns on ones investment if only he could find that elusive plan. He was sure that millions of traders have gone through the same procedure and was determined.

So, to cut a long story short, and after many days, nights and weeks of study, searching the web for good systems, then working on his ‘inner game’ …. his head, he came to the point where he eventually became moderately successful at this game of trading the currency markets.

Although Dave had traded other persons’ systems for quite some time, and good though it was, he was never fully satisfied and was hankering after his own, one that suited him. So he set out to create his own system that strives to meet all the conditions he had set for himself below.

  • Must trade with the trend
  • A chart set-up which is good for all currency pairs
  • A chart set-up good for all timeframes
  • A chart set-up which is simple, simple, simple
  • An audio alarm
  • Must stop him from overtrading
  • Must stop him from fishing for tops and bottoms
  • Must get him into the big moves of the day
  • Must keep losses to a minimum
  • Must tell him when to exit
  • Must be user-friendly
  • Must enable decision-making at a glance
  • Multi time-frame trading
  • Must give unambiguous entry signals

At first glance, you would think that it was a tall order to meet. But Dave’s perseverance paid off and the Black Dog System was born. The Black Dog System consists of three separate systems and you can use one, two or all three to trade with. Each system has about 70% to 80% success rate, is very easy to follow and signals appear on your screen in the form of arrows on the chart to notify you when to get ready for a trade. There is also a stereo alert too and this is especially helpful as it would not require you to stare at the screen for the signals to develop.

Not surprisingly, the system can be accessed quickly and the program download is very user-friendly. After downloading, you would need just a couple of hours to read the manual and understand the system and its application to the market. The free software recommended by the system is easy to install and you can start using the Black Dog System instantly. As part of Black Dog Trading Family, you will also be given access to the Black Dog Forum where you will be able to interact with the many real Black Dog Traders who are more than willing to share their experiences with trading the system. In fact there, you would also be able to find a number of journals where many traders had posted their thoughts and reasons for their trades. Some of the journals were from very experienced and profitable traders and contained a great deal of useful information about how to approach forex trading and how to apply the Black Dog System. The journals contained numerous examples of trades taken using Black Dog System and this will give you a broader sense of the possible applications of the system.

Dave has also written extensively on the new indicators and tactics to use. Also in the forum are a number of very useful indicators and alerts that supplements the original system. One of the more important indicators, the higher time frame MACD indicator and its application, makes it much easier to evaluate potential trades. In addition there are sections on different approaches and entry techniques. This, by far is the most important section of the forum as it addresses how the Black Dog System can fit into the trading styles of the trader, whether you are a scalper, day trader, swing trader or a position trader.

Aside from that, the system offers an unlimited time for help and assistance. It does not matter if you have downloaded the system years ago. As long as you have questions or difficulties in understanding the system itself or even the market, Dave Atkinson will never leave you hanging with unanswered queries. Other than e-mail, you can also directly talk to him through Skype


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