How to Write My Research Paper

Have you any idea how to write my research paper? The procedure may be somewhat daunting for you. You may feel confused about what to write about. If you want to produce your paper interesting and finish, below are some suggestions that can assist you.

To begin with, make an outline. This will allow you to develop the necessary content of your paper. The goal of a summary is to provide you with a road map of what is to be composed in the paper.

Secondly, you should arrange your research paper in line with the topic that you have selected. Use this type of construction, when you are composing your research document. Most pupils use the G. P. Healy version to arrange their research papers.

The main part should be around one hundred and eighty words long. You’re able to use sentences and paragraphs as the way to organize your newspaper. You may even utilize a sentence each paragraph or vice versa.

The first part incorporate the first three chief ideas you want to make the first part of your paper. All the remainder of the paper should be associated with this idea. This manner, you will be able to support each thought with facts.

You should also give your readers an idea of how much information they will get by reading your paper. If you compose my research paper, you need to keep your paper succinct. Make sure that you can only write about some information. Otherwise, you’ll have to read the entire paper.

Third, when you’re writing your research paper, you ought to use keywords. You should think of keywords that people would search for if they are searching for something. To do this, you should think of these words: general, general understanding, general info, typical scenario, typical info, etc.. It’s possible to use these words when you are composing your research document. You only have to know how to use them properly.

Fourth, before you start writing your research papers, you ought to have a great research procedure. You need to understand what you need to do and how to organize it later. This manner, you will have the ability to write my research paper readily. Do not forget to create a listing of all the essential topics to research.

Before you start ForEx trading

You have probably heard great stuff about ForEx trading and pretty much everything you have heard is probably true. You can make quite a nice living with ForEx trading and the best thing is that you do not need too much money to start doing it. Also, it is a much less volatile market and the loss margins are lower than in other financial markets. Still, it can be just as dangerous as any other financial market and it is therefore important to take notice of a few things before you even start trading.

Trading Tips

First thing that you will need to do is to determine what your current financial situation is. If you have plenty of money put away and you wish to invest it in something, then ForEx trading might just be the thing for you. However, if the money you wish to invest is the money you depend on or even worse, something your family depends on for everyday living, then it might not be the best solution out there. You need to realize that there is always a possibility that things will go wrong and that you will be left without all that money.

The next thing that you need to do is find out as much as possible about the ForEx trading. Some people might want you to believe that all it takes is some courage, some money and good instincts, but if this were true, you wouldn’t be able to go to the grocery store without meeting half a dozen ForEx billionaires. Just like every other financial market, you need to research it first and gain some knowledge about it.

There are different ways in which you can do this, from talking to people who are already in ForEx trading and who are willing to help to attending courses and reading books on the matter. Internet can be a great source of information as you can find pretty much everything you need to know about ForEx trading without having to pay for it. Moreover, there are even those websites that offer you the chance to start a demo profile which will allow you to engage in sort of a simulation of real ForEx trading, only without investing actual money of your own. This is a great way to hone your skills and to learn the ropes.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to pan out a strategy before you dive into the world of ForEx trading. Getting into it all without any clear strategy would be like charging into the ranks of the opposing army with nothing with you but a spoon. Let’s just say that you wouldn’t last too long. Like with everything else, planning is essential and without a good plan, you cannot expect to reap the fruits of your labor, no matter how much you try.

Once you start doing ForEx trading, keep exploring new options and learning new skills

Why you should consider ForEx trading

To say that we live during interesting times would be an understatement of the millennium. We live in times that would be described as absolutely chaotic by anyone who hasn’t had the chance to experience what it is to be living in a global market that has become so complex and so varied that even the biggest players cannot keep track of everything that is going on. When you put the current and seemingly unending financial crisis on top of it all, you get a situation that is almost too much to take in. This is particularly true for people who are used to investing in stocks and having that as either their primary source of income or their additional source of income. These days, it seems, you cannot trust anyone and anything, and it is best to diversify in order to avoid losses or other unwanted events. One of the best ways to do so and one of the best ways to diversify your stock trading business is to check out ForEx trading which has become increasingly popular due to a number of reasons that we would like to discuss in this article.

One of the main reasons why people are more interested in ForEx trading now than ever before is that ForEx trading is much easier to approach than other forms of exchange, such as stock exchange and so on. It is easily accessed and the start-up costs are much lower than with other forms of international trading. However, this is just the beginning of the story and there are far more advantages that make ForEx trading something you should definitely consider.

For instance, there is the simple fact that ForEx trading can be done from pretty much everywhere in the world, where there is an internet connection. Even if you are living in a polar station somewhere, where even the polar bears are too afraid to roam, as long as you have an internet connection, you can trade in ForEx. It is mainly done online and there is no need for your physical presence anywhere in the world.

There is also the fact that the trading volume as far as ForEx is concerned is simply humongous, which means that the liquidity of it all is extremely dense. As a result of this, you can get in and also get out of your current positions at exactly the price you were looking for.

Moreover, there are no time restraints on ForEx trading, as the working hours are much more extensive than with Stock Exchange. ForEx trading can be done 24 hours a day, except on weekends. Keep in mind that you can also trade during certain parts of the weekend, with only a day and a half being restricted for trading. This enables people who can stay alert and attentive for longer periods of time perform much better than at stock exchange.

You should also remember that ForEx trading provides much more leverage, which will enable you to enhance your profit margins in relation to your account size. This is especially noticeable if you compare it to other markets. Also, there are no market biases that are always present in stock exchange, which will help you cash in on the volatility of the market.

Finally, it also needs to be said that ForEx trading involves significantly fewer variables which enables the Average Joe perform better than in a market where there is much more to look out for. Also, this gives an edge to people coming from stock market as it allows them to concentrate more extensively on the stuff that matters when ForEx trading is in question.

Basic info about Forex Trading

Forex Trading is relatively new way of making money online, and it does deserve some of your time just so you can grasp some basic concepts as to what exactly it is that you are trading with and how does it pay off.

First of all, Forex Trading is pretty much different then any other form of trading out there. You’re not trading _commodities, stocks, _not buying or selling a product, not doing anything that has a direct impact on the physical world. Forex is short for Foreign Exchange and as such you’re buying and trading currencies in a global market that has recently peaked at approximately 4 trillion dollars per day. To figure out just how and why is the money trade in the term of buying it and selling it with other type of money is profitable, you’ll need more than some basic economic knowledge, but it’s a market that many people enter today, expecting to make back what they invest and to make a profit.

Forex Basics

What has sullied Forex trading market and what turns away many potential traders is that the system is very much under assault by scammers who are only after money of new users, and are not there to trade for real, at least not as their main concern. You’ll see tons of offers to be taught all of the secrets of the Forex Trading system for just 50 dollars, you’ll be offered 50% monthly return on your investment of several hundred dollars, you’ll see all kinds of tempting offers that promise to make you a millionaire in no time, but if the offer sounds too good to be true – it most likely is! Before you do anything to spend your hard earned money on Forex related material, do some research and see just what kind of scams and schemes can you be involved in, learn to recognize them and learn how to avoid them – there’s very little to no chance that someone will offer to make you a millionaire just out of the kindness of their hearts.

At best, you can expect some 10% return on your investment per month, and that’s if you’re doing good and if you’re playing the market smart. The main trick about trading on Forex exchange is recognizing trends and trying to exploit them – predicting where the money will flow and buying it cheap and selling it when the prices move upwards. It does involve quite a risk and if you start making bad calls, don’t try to double down – this is not a casino and the odds are not in your favour. Stop, try to figure out just what has gone wrong, learn from your losses and work hard on making them up some other way. Forex trading is demanding work and amateurs will quickly get tired of it or will lose their money. A good way to figure out just how demanding of a work this is, try to set up a demo Forex account and see for yourself how you’ll do.

Forex Calculators and Currency Converter

support and resistance is a concept in technical analysis that the movement of the price of a security will tend to stop and reverse at certain predetermined prices. Use the calculator to find the pivot, support and resistance levels, Woodie and Fibonacci for the most commonly traded Forex pairs.


Use the Forex Pips Calculator to find out the actual amount of currency for any numbers of pips, for any size of currency pair that you specify. You can use this Forex Pips Calculatorto find your take profit and stop loss amount.

Currency Converter

The currency converter will give you realtime rates from advanced currency markets. Simply choose from more that 80 different currencies you desire in drop-down boxes below, enter the amount that you wish to convert and then click the ‘Convert’ button. The calculator will give you the amount in the desired currency instantly.


Emotion Management In Forex

One of the ways to ensure that you are in the forex trading arena for the long run is that you limit your losses (at your predetermined stop loss) when the trade has gone against you. This is easier said than done because, without emotions management, there will always be a side of your emotions that is not willing to accept a loss. When you let your emotions rule you, you will let the loss run, praying that it may just reverse and put you back in a profitable position. This is a sure way to the doghouse. You’ve got to accept that picking a loser is not an indication of your self-worth and that it is simply a loss and losses are part and parcel in forex trading. The best way to deal with it is by moving on. Moving on means you don’t emotionally paralyse yourself by keeping a running total of how many losses you’ve had.

So how do you achieve objectivity in your forex trading? One thing for sure is that you would need to constantly remind yourself of your specified rules regularly so that it gets drilled in your head. Below is an example of a checklist that can help you in your emotion management before you make any trade.

  • You need to identify your edge, meaning that you need to use a forex trading system that works. You can either develop your own system or apply Black Dog System and/or Forex Trading Made EZ, depending on your forex trading style.
  • You need to pre-define the risk of every trade so that you know how much of your capital you stand to lose.
  • You need to completely accept the risk and consider the amount of capital that you are willing to risk as already gone.
  • You must act on your identified edges without any hesitation or reservation and follow the rules strictly.
  • You must reward yourself as the market makes money available to you. You must exit at your pip profit target, be happy with it and treat yourself with that profit. It will make you feel better and more inclined to continue forex trading.
  • You must continually monitor your susceptibility for making errors. Make up sheets with your rules on them and read them daily, especially if you intend to be scalper or day trader. This helps you to remind yourself from making the same mistakes over and over again.
    • You must understand the absolute importance of these principles and you must train yourself to never violate them.

Forex Trading System

here are several things we want to achieve when starting to trade.

  1. Find entry points as early as possible.
  2.  Find exit points securing maximum gains.
  3.  Avoid fake entry and exit signals.

If accomplished, these three goals will make you a profitable trader. But in order to achieve the above in trading, you would need a forex trading system to give you an edge and higher probability in being profitable. There are numerous systems in the market today and sieving through every single one of them would be nearly impossible. What we have done below is to list for you the best systems that have high positive high user feedback review in terms of its high probability of profitable trades, ease of use and ongoing support from the developer etc. As you will find out later, the systems are all created by traders who have been using the systems themselves to trade for a living. Each system has its nuances and you should weigh its suitability to your style of trading.

  • Black Dog System : Suitable for Scalpers/Daytraders/Swing Traders/Position Trader
  • Forex Trading Made EZ : Suitable for Scalpers/Daytraders
  • Leo Trader Pro : Forex Expert Advisor for 24/7 trading

Probability of Forex Systems

If you have a forex trading system with a track record of high probability in being profitable, then the odds are already in your favor before you even enter a trade. This is true for the trading systems mentioned here i.e. Black Dog System, Forex Trading Made EZ and Leo Trader Pro. Void of fear and greed, if you follow each system exactly, you will profit, if you have no fear and no greed.

This brings us to the rarely spoken truth. Other than omitting trading psychology and risk management, application of most forex trading systems in the forex market is actually a game of odds and probabilities.

 Let’s say for instance that we are playing “coin toss.” Theoretically, for 100 flips of the coin, 50 will come up heads, and 50 will come up tails. Of course the first 100 coin tosses may result in 60/40, but the more you play, the closer to 50/50 the numbers will get.

If we were to play for 20 hours, and flip the coin exactly 5 times each hour, and for every heads that comes up, we get paid $2, and for every tails that comes up we pay $1. This should be a profitable system. After our game we see that heads came up 50 times and tails came up 50 times. So at the end of 100 tosses, we have paid $50 and received $100. A profit of $50.

 During our second game of coin toss, we decided that we are going to let the flipper (in our case the flipper is the forex market) keep flipping the coin for an hour while we take lunch but we are not going to pay or be paid for those flips. During our lunch hour, heads comes up 5 times in a row. And now we are back from lunch, and we are down $10 for the hour. Now, theoretically the odds of 5 tails in a row coming up after 5 heads in a row are pretty good because for every ten tosses, you should have about 5 heads and five tails. So now we get 5 tails in a row and now we are down another $5, for a total of $15. So not counting the 5 tosses during lunch, this leaves 90 tosses that we still have to account for and let’s say that they were 45 heads and 45 tails. Our profit for these tosses is $45 (45×2 minus 45×1), now if we take away the $15 for the tosses we didn’t take, and that string of losers, we are left with a profit if $30. So lunch and 5 lousy spins cost us 40% of our profits.

Now the abovementioned only describes theory but it absolutely applies to this market. If a forex trader is picky about which trades he wants to take or not, he is messing with the odds.  If the conditions are met, trades should be taken without hesitation. The odds will be in the forex traders only if all of the trades that meet the conditions are taken. A successful forex trader needs to pick a time frame and stick to that same time frame everyday and take all trades during that time frame.

Another important thing to note is that there is a random distribution between wins and losses for any given set of variables that define an edgeWhichever trading system that you choose is your edge, but you will never know in what order your wins and losses will come. As part of successful trading psychology, you need to be prepared for this and accept the losses, knowing that the odds will still be in your favor.

Risk Management In Forex

What is Risk Management?

It is a combination of multiple ideas to control your trading risk. It can be limiting your trade lot size, hedging, trading only during certain hours or days, or knowing when to take losses.

 Why is it important?

It is one of the three pillars of your forex trading plan which ensures your survival as a forex trader. It is an easy concept to grasp for most of the forex traders but not as easy to apply in real life trading. Most forex traders tend to start trading with the mindset that they should aim for massive profits and they would need to risk huge proportions of their capital in order to achieve it. And some of the traders who perform demo trading think that it is easily replicable when he trades live. However, without a strong emotion management system, volatile emotions become rampant and things change. This is where a true risk management system becomes important.

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 Controlling losses

One aspect of  the risk management system is about controlling your losses i.e knowing when you need to cut your losses on a trade that has gone awry. In this instance, you would have the option to a hard stop or a mental stop. A hard stop is when you set your stop loss at a certain level as you initiate your trade. A mental stop is when you have set a limit to how much paper loss you are willing to tolerate before taking a trade.

Figuring out where to set your stop loss depends on the forex trading systemthat you adopt. Both the Black Dog System and Forex Trading Made EZ have a risk management system that advocates a stop loss which reasonably limits your risk on a trade. Once you have placed your stop loss, you need to be disciplined not to move it. It is easy to fall into the trap of moving your stop loss farther and farther out. If you do this, you are not cutting your losses effectively and it will ruin you in the end. This is an aspect of the emotion management systemthat is very important. If you find that you would need reinforced discipline in your emotion management, MyTradingSoftware would be able to help. Another option of avoiding such traps would be to use a forex expert advisor or forex robot. As the trades are automated, it removes the emotion management aspect and ensures that all trades being opened and closed are devoid of the emotions of fear and greed.

Using correct lot sizes

Calculating Position Sizes

The promise of instant riches is difficult to resist for most forex traders. It is this very reason that many people from all walks of life begin their forays in the forex market. Although it is also important that you do have the mentality of always aiming for a high return on your investment, a forex trader should really focus on the more important aspects of trading first such as emotion management and risk management. When a forex trader contemplates any set up for a trade, he must be psychologically prepared that no matter how perfect the setup would seem to be, anything can happen and things can go wrong resulting in the trade being a loser. A successful forex trader must be able to take the loss in stride and live to trade another day. This is just a part of what every trader may have to go through on a normal trading day.

So how do you ensure proper and safe risk management? The answer should come from your money management rules and most forex traders usually define it as risking less than 2% of their accounts on any one position. But of course, it need not be 2%. This percentage is usually defined by the trading system that you intend to use.

How then do you ensure that only Y% risk is taken on your account? What many beginner forex traders believe they should do is to use Y% of their margin on every trade. This totally contravenes with the principles of proper risk management and is extremely dangerous. So what should be done really is to ensure that the calculation takes into consideration the trade set up. The trade setup is the critical factor that determines the positions size and not the other way around. This is one of the most important aspects of risk management in retail forex trading, and many traders simply don�t fully understand it (or don�t really bother with it). Let�s use the following example to illustrate this.

Let�s consider a scenario that you have a US$10,000 mini account with an MT4 broker that allows you to trade 0.01 lots (minimum trade size would be 0.01 x 10,000 = 100 units). The margin requirement for your forex broker is 1% or also stated as maximum leverage of 100:1. Now let�s say that the current price of GBP/USD is 1.5600 and you see a nice trade setup developing.  You decide that you would want to go long at 1.5500 as it is a strong support level and your analysis indicates a strong likelihood of price appreciation from there, should price go to 1.5500. Your analysis also indicates that if the currency pair was to drop below 1.5050, the trend would be considered as unfavorable and that the trade should be exited with a stop loss order. You also place the exit target at the next resistance level at 1.6500. You then place your buy limit order at 1.5500, but before you do, you would need to figure out the optimal position size. How much do you want to buy at 1.5500?

he incorrect way:

You were told that using 1% of your available margin is the same as risking 1%. You do a quick calculation and you see that your position should be 1 mini lot, or 10,000 units of GBP/USD. You decided to enter your buy limit order at 1.5500, with a stop loss at 1.5000

Unfortunately, after you have entered the trade, the British economy started to show some weakness in the coming weeks and your support level was not able to hold. GBP/USD eventually exceeded your stop loss level and the trade resulted in a loss.  From your initial expectations, you would have considered the US$500 loss as acceptable as you thought that you were risking just 1% of your account. However, US$500 is not 1% of your US$10,000 account but actually 5%.  So what is the correct way of calculation?

The correct way:

The above example has illustrated the difference between the �used margin� and �amount at risk�. The amount at risk is the amount you stand to lose if price hits your stop loss. Here is how you calculate:

Y    =        (R X B)

Z X (Pe – Ps)

Y is the size of position we are trying to calculate (in units of the base currency)

R is the % of account you intend to risk

B is the balance of your account

Z is the buy (long) or sell (short) factor: -1 if (sell) short position, +1 if buy (long) position

Pe is the entry price

Ps is the stop loss (exit) price

You would need to substitute the values and this is what we will get.

Y    =        (1% X $10000)

1 X (1.5500 � 1.5000)

=   2,000 units

So we now know that the ideal position size for our desired setup would be 2,000 units of GBP/USD. We know that all currency pairs with USD as the counter currency have constant pip values of $1 per 10,000 units. Hence, a position of 2000 units would have a pip value of $0.20 and if were to multiply this by 500 pips, we would get a $100, which is 1% of our $10,000 account.

Please note that the above formula will only be applicable for all USD/ABC and ABC/USD pairs. It cannot be applied to crosses where there are no USD references (ABC/XYZ), such as EURGBP, GBPCHF and AUDJPY because the pip values for crosses depend on the underlying USD/ pair�s price.

Tracking overall exposure

 It is also important that you keep track on your overall exposure to the forex markets. Although, using small lot sizes will help you in risk management, it will simply defeat the purpose if you open too many small lots.

In addition, it is also important to understand correlations between currency pairs. For example if you are in short position on GBP/USD and also in a long position on USD/CAD, you are actually exposing yourself twice to the USD and in the same direction. It equates to being long 2 lots of USD.

Hence, being aware of your overall exposure will reduce your risk and keep you in the game for the long run.

 The bottom line is that risk management is all about controlling your risk. The more you can control your risk ,the more flexible you can be when the situation calls for it. Most forex traders will agree that forex trading is about opportunity and that traders must be able to act when these opportunities arise. By limiting and controlling your risk as directed in your risk management methodology, you ensure that you will be able to continue to trade when things don�t go as planned and you will always be ready for the next trade setup.

Moving Averages

The Moving Averages (MA) indicator can be considered as one of the most used indicator as well as one of the oldest technical indicators in technical analysis.

Quite simply, the indicator is a mean of a progressing body of data, as seen from its name. For example, a 10-day MA is obtained by adding the closing prices for the last 10 periods being measured and then dividing the sum by 10. The term “moving” is used as only the last 10 days are used in the measurement. Hence, the calculation will result in the shifting of the data body forward with every next trading day.


The three popular types of moving averages are simple MA, exponential MA and weighted MA. It is interesting to note that you can measure moving averages on any data series comprising a forex currency’s pair opening and closing price, high, low or any other indicator. The main difference between MA variants is the weight which refers to the latest data.

Simple MA: The 10-day MA explained above is a simple MA or SMA. As mentioned earlier, it is just a calculation of the average of the currency price.

Exponential MA: There is a complicated formula required to calculate this and knowing it will not have much effect on your forex trading. The important thing you need know is that forex traders tend to prefer the exponential MA or EMA because it is faster than the SMA. EMA has less delay (lag) compared to the SMA because it places more importance on the recent prices rather than the older prices. Although, it is true that the EMA would give a faster representation than the simple moving average but faster also means more noise and higher frequency of false moves.

Weighted MA: This is type of EMA places more weight on the recent prices to make the moving average even faster. It has more noise than the SMA and EMA.

For all the three MA, the MA line will be placed directly in the price shifting chart. The MA is measured with a definite predefined period and as the period increases, the sensibility of the MA becomes less pronounced. However, if the period is shorter, the probability of false signals is higher.


Generally, you can regard the MA sa a smoothing indicator. This is because, you will find that the lows and highs of the prices are less defined and the fundamental trend of the market is more precisely seen by averaging the price. However, by its very unique characteristics, the MA line can be regarded as important in terms of market price action. A shorter period MA (eg 2-6 days) would follow the price action more closely than a 40-day MA. You will discover that everyday shifts in the price action would influence the shorter term MA more.

It is not recommended to trade only according to the MA movements and without using any other indicator. Usually, a combination of MA can help forex traders to determine the short term price movements in the context of the longer term time frame. On particular system which uses the MA effectively, in combination with MACD or RSI is the Black Dog System . The system is designed by a real forex trader, used currently on his live account, and has a 70 to 80% probability hit rate. It has a huge following and is used many live forex traders around the world. Find out how the Black Dog System had helped these forex traders around the world become profitable in their trading.